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Hi I was wondering if anyone can let me know if Mycroft support different language feature? Can it speak other languages then English?

Today, Mimic only supports English so by default Mycroft can only support English. However we have architected the Skill system to work with multiple languages. I know some users have been experimenting with using different STT and TTS providers to run in Spanish and other languages. Plus the Mimic team has begun working on Spanish support.

Supporting many languages is a key design concern for us.


What is happening with languages other than English? Mycroft says they support out-of-the-box French, German, and Spanish but I don’t know how to make that work.



Right now we’re focusing on English, but getting other languages working is definitely something that needs to happen in the future.

Where did you see that Mycroft supports French, German, and Spanish?

Oops ok.

Should have checked. Not a real FAQ.


Now, I’ve a version of mycroft over Linux Mint listening spanish.

STT is local pocketsphinx.

Small change need in mycroft-core, pull request on going.

Wake word and basic commands works ok.

A otra cosa mariposa…

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Could you explain the steps to make me hear you in Spanish?
Gracias maquinon

I’m going to open a wiki page to share installation and experiences about Spanish Mycroft. See here

Do not hesitate to edit and improve it.

(page updated: 2017-Apr-13. It should be now complete).

Hello, I am totally new to Mycroft. So apologize if I seem to be naive…but…how could I help in creating an Italian language?
Where could I take something like a template to create it?

Hi Paolo,

Could be you can follow the steps described in the wiki page for Spanish (see previous message), doing the necessary adaptations for the case of Italian language ?

Please, do not forget share with us the final results (or edit wiki page adding them).

Kind regards.

Hello, I just translated the spanish language file in Italian. As soon as I can I will try to install it into Mycroft, adapting the instructions reported

Hi Paolo, I would like to know how Mycroft works in Italian