Mycroft languages

Hello to the team and congratulations for the job done since now.
I am french, and really want to know if your cute and smart little device could really understand my mother tongue.
Will it could respond to french language, and will it answer in french ?
Thank you for your time.


We are working to ensure French, German, and Spanish are supported out of the box. However, we will likely need some help from the community in order to make Mycroft truly fluent :smile:


I don’t know anything about programming, even if i work in IT sector.
So if I could help by some means

@Jerome_BERTRAND, the best way to help will be with testing and feedback. To make sure the interactions seem natural in French. We want to make sure Mycroft doesn’t say stupid things or come across as silly in other languages.

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I’ve got my own rasp2, I’ve try jasper with a Kinect (for the quality of the array) but as many A.I. for the moment are for english language I haven’t push further.

So if you need french alpha or beta tester feel free to ask.

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Fortunately I know lots of guy who will be plz to help in french. Several active members of the Ubuntu French LoCo are bakers :wink:

@Jerome_BERTRAND As a french user, sure I 'll test the french abilities of Mycroft as well

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Content de voir qu’il y a d’autres frenchies sur le site, je me doute comme bcp on est nombreux à vouloir tester.

Avant de “baker” je préfère être sur que le projet supportera bien le français, parceque pour avoir un peu fait le tour les IA en français ça court pas les rues…
Mais sinon je trouve que ce projet vaut vraiment le coup.

Does this mean that one of the skills can be Mycroft, how do I say 'Stop in the name of love' in French? That would be genuinely excellent.


I hadn’t really thought about a translation layer. That is a very interesting concept @sil

Oh event better, I could say

« Mycroft, dis à @Sil d’arrêter au nom de l’Amour !» and Mycroft could join @sil’s Mycroft which will say to @sil : “@Winael ask you to stop, in the name of love!”


I took my decision to baked this project as soon as I read article.

  1. Canonical is involved, that’s proof the serious of the project, they did the things correctly, not surfing on Ubuntu popularity like Ubutab
  2. Snappy

That’s my fanboy side

At which point I can say: `Mycroft, tell @Winael’s Mycroft, before you break my heart".

There’s a huge amount of social networking magic that would need to take place behind the scenes for this to work; I can easily imagine the Mycroft team not being interested in building it. In particular, it looks good in demos but doesn’t actually work well in practice (Mycroft, tell Winael nine two five nine hello is way less convenient).

Third apps maybe. But the workflow is just

“Mycroft translate Arrête au nom de l’Amour and then transfer the message to @sil’s Mycroft from my part (home to home communication)”

Maybe I could help testing the spanish support :smiley:

Spanish user here! If you need some help in spanish (es_ES) I can do it. I’m only a sysadmin guy but I helped in other open source projects by translating them into spanish or catalan, so I can manage many comprehension issues I faced on other projects. :wink:

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May I can be part of the French team ? This is my native language, so …
As I said to @Syndrome by email, I wanna help :smile:

@Jerome_BERTRAND je ne me fais pas de souci sur le fait que le projet Mycroft intégrera la langue française . Il est quand même bien mieux géré que les projets S.A.R.A.H. ou Jarvis qui j’avoue, me plaise énormément dans l’idée, mais qui concrétement sont trop fait de bouts de ficelle, pas de façon pro on va dire.

@Jerome_BERTRAND Jerome_BERTRAND I don’t make me worry about the fact that the Mycroft project will integrate the French language. It is still much better managed than SARAH and Jarvis projects.

@idem2lyon @Jerome_BERTRAND Yeah, we can begin the french community of Mycroft \o/

Great, a #FrenchMycroftTeam with @idem2lyon @Jerome_BERTRAND :smile:

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#SpanishMycroftTeam whith you :smiley:

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One Dutch guy reporting :smile: