Mycroft italian language

Hi everybody!
What does mean “linux only” at the top of the page containing the instructions of how to set italian language? Picroft is a linux-based distro. Which differences exist between picroft and other linux-based distros? Thank you.

Hi @Angelo_Yaoming,

It means that the instructions have been trialled on a Linux Ubuntu desktop installation only.

There are several difference between a Ubuntu desktop installation and Raspbian Stretch lite running on a Raspberry Pi 3 or 3B+, including;

  • The Raspberry Pi runs an arm architecture, not an x86 architecture like Ubuntu. This means that several drivers, such as wireless networking, sound input and output etc - are all difference.

  • The Raspberry Pi runs lower spec hardware than most devices running Ubuntu. This means that the processing requirements - for instance for processing onboard TTS - are different. TTS is likely to run much more slowly on a Raspberry Pi.

  • The user that Picroft runs as - pi - is different to the user that Mycroft on linux runs as - which is usually the user that is logged in.

So there are lots of differences between the two environments.