Mycroft ios Client (By jcasoftware)

I thought I would just post here with a guide to using the IOS client by JCA Software.

With this app, you can control your mycroft mark 1, chat with it, and use voice control from your iphone.


  • First find your mark 1’s IP address by asking, ‘Hey Mycroft, What’s your IP address?’.
  • Then, ssh into your mark 1 using the terminal command
    ssh pi@192.168.X.XXX (Fill in your IP).
  • Now, use these commands one after another:
    sudo ufw allow 8181
    sudo ufw status
    sudo ufw allow from
  • Lastly, go to the settings in the app, and change the IP address option to match your address.

This is a great app, all credit goes to JCA software, i just wanted to make it more accessible.

Demo video here, app here.

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there’s a few security considerations, basically anyone in the area can do what your phone does

ufw allow 8181 will expose you to ,

But wont you need the ip?

assuming the attacker already is in your network, the ip would be easy to find, theres a nmap skill that lists all devices if you want to try it

so you will only be as safe as your network (and there even is a skill to crack wifi, because it is so hard :stuck_out_tongue: ), anything on your network could be used to control your mycroft, say a hacked smart lamp or whatever

just be careful and aware of the implications of opening up the firewall, soon enough the websocket should be authenticated and this problem will go away

Is there still an app for this I tried looking in the App Store and it’s not there?

I’m wondering the same. The link goes to the app store which says the app is not available in my region. Is this dead? Is there a different iphone app now?

Hi all, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this iOS client is no longer available after 4 years.

If you have searched the forums and land on this thread, it is very likely there is no known iOS app for Mycroft yet.

One day…