Mycroft instead of Picroft on a pi 4

So, I have a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) with the Raspian OS.
I’m really new to Mycroft, like, this is my first post and I was wondering if, instead of the Picroft image for Raspberry Pi, I could use the Linux version of Mycroft on the Pi.
The problem I have with the Picroft image is that it overwrites the Raspbian OS and only comes with a “lite” version. I’m planning not only to use my Pi for Picroft but also to build GUIs and control an Arduino. (Which, without the full Raspbian OS, is quite a strain)
So I was wondering if I could use Mycroft with the Pi, are there any hindrances, and most importantly, whether it completely resigns my Pi to be just a virtual assistant and nothing more?
Help would be appreciated!!!

There’s a recipe how to brew your own Picroft. This should work with your current OS (you might have to chose “boot into command line” in the raspi-config, but personally i do think even booting into PIXEL shouldn’t be an issue)

Note that the OS installed should’t be too populated at the time of the mycroft installation, simply because it would make backtracking issues more complex.

PS: Before you’re doing the final steps make sure mycroft’s working and you have the additional programs set up and configured. This way you got an image that can be easily applied to other pis’

Wouldn’t it be simpler to just get the Linux version of Mycroft? :thinking:

Marginally, and you won’t have the benefits of a somewhat automatic uprade and extended installation process. But, your call :wink:

In short, of course you can.

Thanks! And speaking of margins, is the interface/code etc. of mycroft the same as picroft in case I decide to switch?

And do you think people get hindered by the “lite” version of Raspbian?

Same base

As i suggested. Simply stay with your OS instead of using Lite (which the how to uses). (if this question was about selfbrewing)

Right! I’m starting to lean on Picroft a bit more because of the ‘support’ but let’s see…
Thanks anyway!