Mycroft in ubuntu 17.10 playing washington news

I set my location in both my profile settings and my device settings, and the time and date work properly, but when I say “Hey Mycroft, play the news”, it plays npr news from Washington. How do I change that?

Also, even if I say “Hey Mycroft, don’t play the news”, it starts the news.

Hi there @JARVIS, great to hear that you’ve got Mycroft working in Linux under Ubuntu 17.10. The News Skill here is working as intended - it doesn’t take a location at all, but plays NPR news irrespective of your location. Over time we want to be able to include additional News services. We’ve recently released an Australian news service which plays the public broadcaster news for Australia.

If I could ask which location you’re in, and which news you would prefer to have available? This information would be helpful in helping us to make the News Skill even beter.

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Hello, @KathyReid, thanks for your quick reply! I live in India, and also, what about the other problem? It plays me news if I say “Hey Mycroft, don’t play me the news”!

Thanks @JARVIS - which news services do you prefer to listen to in India? Does it vary from state to state - for instance is there different news in say Gujarat to Kolkata?

In the phrase Hey Mycroft, don't play me the news, the Intent Parser is not picking up the negating word “don’t” - it sees the keywords play and news and matches that to the News Skill.

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Well, @KathyReid, it does kind of vary, and I live in Tamil Nadu, but generally, because we have have 29 states, and each one speaks a ton of different languages, it is inconvenient to get that much specific news. India has a whole has some news common to all states, like about the Prime Minister, President, and important info on other states/union territories, etc. which can be listened to by people in all states, but otherwise, if you are ok with going in deep, well, then, you could try news for the major states in their major languages, and even some news specific to metropolitan cities like Chennai, or Bangalore. But for the most part, I think that a news report on major country and state issues in English or some other languages is fine, for now.

Great information @JARVIS, thank you so much.

Which are the trusted news sources in India?
Is there a list for each province in each language?

Well @KathyReid, NDTV and Doordharshan(DD) are good news sources. And what do you mean by list for each province in each language? I’ll be glad to help.

Thank you so much @JARVIS, that’s excellent information. What I’d really like is a list of:

Province, primary languages, trusted news sources - for instance, in Australia our official language is English and our public broadcaster is the ABC.

All provinces, English,

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@KathyReid, here is a list of languages spoken by each state/union territory in India:

Name of State/Union Territory Major Language Spoken Other Languages Spoken
Jammu and Kashmir Kashmiri Dogri and Hindi
Himachal Pradesh Hindi Punjabi and Nepali
Punjab Punjabi Hindi
Uttrakhand Hindi Urdu, Punjabi and Nepali
Haryana Hindi Punjabi and Urdu
Delhi Hindi Punjabi, Urdu and Bengali
Uttar Pradesh Hindi Urdu
Rajasthan Hindi Punjabi and Urdu
Madhya Pradesh Hindi Marathi and Urdu
Chhattisgarh Hindi Bengali and Oriya
Bihar Hindi Maithili and Urdu
Jharkhand Hindi Santali, Bengali and Urdu
West Bengal Bengali Hindi, Santali, Urdu, Nepali
Sikkim Nepali Hindi, Bengali
Assam Assamese Bengali, Hindi, Bodo and Nepali
Arunachal Pradesh Bengali Nepali, Hindi and Assamese
Nagaland Bengali Hindi and Nepali
Mizoram Bengali Hindi and Nepali
Tripura Bengali Hindi
Meghalaya Bengali Hindi and Nepali
Manipur Manipuri Nepali, Hindi and Bengali
Odisha Oriya Hindi, Telegu and Santali
Maharashtra Marathi Hindi, Urdu and Gujarati
Gujarat Gujarati Hindi, Sindhi, Marathi and Urdu
Daman and Diu Gujarati Hindi and Marathi
Dadra and Nagar Haveli Gujarati Hindi, Konkani and Marathi
Goa Konkani Marathi, Hindi and Kannada
Karnataka Kannada Urdu, Telugu, Marathi and Tamil
Andhra Pradesh Telugu Urdu, Hindi and Tamil
Kerala Malayalam None
Lakshadweep Islands Malayalam None
Tamil Nadu Tamil Telugu, Kannada and Urdu
Puducherry Tamil Telugu, Kannada and Urdu
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Bengali Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam

Information from:

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@JARVIS that is superb - thank you so much! This will help us plan out future iterations of the News Skill.

@KathyReid please wait I haven’t done posting yet! I am still editing it, it got posted by mistake… Sorry!

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@KathyReid, I’m done now. You can now use the information! Thanks a lot for helping!

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