Mycroft in 2021

Hello everyone new member here :wink:
Was wondering what are you views on Mycroft in 2021 ?
I am planning on to give up on my Echo dot and setup Mycroft.
Looking at the instrstructions and i could see the last image was released in Spetember 2020.

just wanted to know if project is still active and well looked after before i dive in ?


@sugarpeter21 Welcome to the community. I can assure you that the community and also the project is very much still active.
Are you looking to setup a raspberry Pi or other method for your Mycroft?
You will also find lots of active discussion on Mattermost chat.

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also the project is very much still active.

precise hasn’t been updated in two years, can you share vision for updates to precise engine

From what I see, precise is pretty mature, there has been development in the past year and quite a bit of development with community trained models.
Latest official mycroft release is 20.8.1 Released in Feburary. Most of the development in the past year has been focused on cleaning up skills, and preparing software / hardware for the MK II developer kits and eventually final MK II release. This is very much a community project and there are lots of great things happening at that front as well.
@gez-mycroft maybe the one of the best resources to point you toward some roadmaps for the project.

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Hey there, the current work on Precise is primarily around the data and training processes rather than improving the underlying engine. Though there is some work to move it to TensorFlow Lite to reduce the resource footprint.

On the software development front more broadly our team are currently working through the default Skills (eg Volume, Timer, Weather, etc) to make some structural improvements and fix up bugs that are impacting the general usability of the system. Then we’ll be turning back to our larger projects and ticking them off one by one - at the moment the projects top of my mind are improving:

  • the Precise training loop
  • Skill settings handling
  • account management and backend services

As we are finishing up a cycle of work, we talk as a team about what the next priorities are and whether our previous list is still accurate. This means projects can get reprioritised on a fortnightly / monthly basis to do what we think is most important (or most urgent) at the time.

It would be great to hear from everyone here - if you were the CTO of Mycroft, what would your top 3 projects be?

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thank you for your insight. I do think tf lite is a good upgrade, I;m in dev to have precise run on pi zero w. (but I do sound and not speech)

re your question

It would be great to hear from everyone here - if you were the CTO of Mycroft, what would your top 3 projects be?

As mentioned I don’t do any speech or skills and only use precise engine for sound wake, so my answer may be biased :rofl:

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As CTO, I would focus on these three next:

  • Skill and device management: Complex device-deployments (4-100 devices) will likely benefit from a management environment where someone can monitor or change skills for individual devices and device groups. At a later stage this may even serve as a platform for device and skill-usage monitoring. All this needs to strictly prioritize privacy.
  • Skill templates: Onboarding new (creative) users will likely benefit from a simplified skill creation process. Since quite many skills have similar working principles, templates could work well - provided they are well documented and have a clear use case. Privacy-related design decisions could be added here to train/inform users building new skills.
  • Mobile Mycroft: Mobile access to a voice assistant is a large application domain, especially if my CEO would decide that business applications are worth the effort :wink:. I found stationary devices not very helpful, unless you need to interact with some process or thing in exactly that location (kitchen, living room).

PS: I really like the idea of a regular “If you where the CTO of Mycroft” survey!

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