Mycroft II Features

Will there be an option to turn off the screen and LED lights and talk to it when your sleeping?

Is there any way to have external mic or speaker input to feed it through your own?

Is there a way to sync it with the pi mycrofts?

Hi Meow, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Turning off everything while you’re sleeping is certainly on the roadmap. It’s very bright at the moment even with the brightness turned right down.

Can I clarify when you say “talk to it when your sleeping” - does this mean you’d want it to stay off even when you speak to it? You’d also need to train yourself to utter the wake word during your sleep… I’d guess this would be possible?

There is a 3.5mm jack for alternative output on the back of the Mark II, however no way to plug in an external mic. If you were doing this I’d suggest probably not buying the Mark II at all - it sounds like you’re building your own device?

In what way did you want to sync it with other Pi’s?

Im hoping the new design has less lights tbh, I just want it to be able to operate without the screen on or lights on. I guess I would want to use this to sync GitHub - pcwii/mesh-skill: A Mycroft.AI skill for a collection of Mycroft units to communicate with each other.

Yeah definitely need to add a lights off or extremely low mode.

In terms of syncing multiple devices, this is a longer term goal. When we get to it, I think we’ll want to think very carefully about how they will sync and how this might be used by people. We don’t want to just have all devices sync everything all the time.