Mycroft II Dead

Like a few others I’ve read on here, my mycroft II is dead. has been for a few weeks. I’ve emailed and got no response in the past 8 days or so. Nothing coming from the unit, sound or visual whether USB is plugged in or not.

I guess maybe I have the bad board too? Is there anything on the unit sticker underneath to indicate bad batches or is there any other avenue to get support on this. I don’t mind trying to fix myself. I just want to know I’m not emailing into a dead address. I have been somewhat disappointed in the unit overall so i wasn’t sure what I was going to do about it but I would like to get this resolved. Is NEON handling hardware too now or just the software portion?

You aren’t emailing a dead address, but it’s possible something got lost either in their or your junk mail. Neon isn’t exactly handling hardware, but has signed on to help the cripplingly understaffed MycroftAI with the RMA process.

I’ll ping the person who probably should have seen your email, just in case: @NeonClary

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Thanks Chance. I’m indeed fielding those emails, and found my desk quite overfull this past week. I’m also hopeful we’ll have some sort of answer soon from the assembler troubleshooting past RMAs and perhaps won’t have to have all of the devices always come back. I’m going to at least message everyone today so they know I’ve got their messages.
UPDATE: I’m all caught up, but some of the messages are about Mycroft subscriptions, and I am not able to help with those.

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