Mycroft / Home assistant integration

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I’m using a raspberry pi 4b to run mycroft and the same for home assistant. I had to move the HA pi and the ip address has changed…can anyone please tell me on which mycroft file I update the IP address?

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Not sure since I’m not using this skill, but can you configure ha hostname in webui within in skill configuration?

Thanks for the reply Thorsten.

Sorry for the noob question but could you tell me the command I should type into the Web Terminal window?

If not, on which page of the configuration pages can i find the skills configurations…do you mean Integrations?

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Hello Ed.
If you’ve installed the home-assistant skill do the following steps:

1.) Open
2.) Login
3.) Click on the yellow circle icon in the upper right corner
4.) Choose “Skils”
5.) Expand entry “Home Assistant”
6.) Set parameter for your installation

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Hope that helps.

Hello all,

I am new in this field and have a question: I would like to run Picroft and Home Assistant on a Rasperry Pi. Does anyone have experience for this, what would have to be considered and how best to complete the installation?
Many thanks for your help already!

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Edit: I also tried it with docker, unfortunately due to problems with ARM and Raspberry Pi, that did not work…

Does anybody has an idea? I don’t want to buy a second Pi and then learn that I only would have needed one…

Anybody has an idea?

Hi Julian, I haven’t done it but I’d presume you can just install HA as usual and set the IP address for the Home Assistant Skill to be local eg

Did you already try this?