Mycroft has solid yellow eyes and wont respond

Woke up this morning and my Mark ! had solid yellow eyes and wont respond.

  • Tried to reboot. Failed.
  • Tried to SSH into mycroft but couldn’t.
  • Tried to unplug for 1 minute, twice, it still failed.
  • Doesn’t have connection to internet or network.
  • Tried to wipe thru menu and failed.
  • Tried wired connection. Failed.
  • Tried to reset WI-FI. Failed

After two hours wait. Mycroft corrected itself.

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Glad to hear it corrected itself.

Here’s the incident report:

Basically a new version of Pip was released yesterday and included some changes causing us to build the 19.2.5 package in a way so that the launch scripts couldn’t be executed.

We updated the package building tool so a specific version of pip could be used and pushed an updated package.

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