Mycroft Hackathon in Oct?

Hi folks,

I’m wondering how many folks would be interested in attending a one or two-day-long virtual Mycroft hackathon (this is something I would normally – coming from the Pycon community – call a “sprint”, but that term is reserved for something else in Mycroft-land). It would likely be best to throw it on a weekend. I would be happy to organize such an event. FWIW, no one in Mycroft-land knows me from Adam but I have been doing open source since the 90s, I have ruined a good number of such events in the past and I am fascinated by Mycroft. :slight_smile: Suggestions about collaboration software (ideally with conference-style video) are welcome.

The things that could be done during the event:

Gez mentioned something called “Hacktoberfest”, which I’m not familiar with, but maybe it could be done in concert with that, sometime in mid-to-late October?

In any case, if this sounds either very interesting or very dumb, either way, please leave feedback. :slight_smile: If enough people express interest, I’ll do the coordination.

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I’m down.

First off, I read:

Freudian slip? :joy: :grin: I assume you mean you have run such events.

I’m trying to do a startup at using Mycroft/Linux/RasPi as the killer app inside the boombox.

I’d be willing to present on how to construct one and add the secret sauce - the philosophy is to be totally free and open.

-Mike M

Heh, no I really did mean ruin… but not really, just joking :slight_smile:


The OpenVoiceOS team - 5 developers, large community-facing projects - is definitely interested, but I will have to consult with the others before I can get specific. I know what I wanna hack on…

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OK I think that’s enough positive reaction to warrant doing a hackathon. I’ll post details in the upcoming days about scheduling and registration.

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I think I’ve decided to allow Hacktober to be Hacktober and do this later in the year. Stay tuned.

@mcdonc OK, better late than never …

-Mike M