Mycroft GUI on TFT LCD

I was thinking of adding an 3.5" TFT LCD screen to my pi and add the GUI like on the Mark II videos, but for some reason I hit a roadblock when searching for everything.

The TFT screen in question is similar to this one:
Here is an Amazon link for the TFT LCD screen that I’m planning to add.
Also some managed to make the LCD at least display by using these generic drivers instead of using a small U-shaped HDMI connector.

What’s the roadblock?

Forgot to mention, sorry. The roadblock here is invoking mycroft-app-gui as mentioned in the instructions.

Hey, are you talking about the MycroftAI/mycroft-gui repo?

Unfortunately this repo and the instructions there are for developing on the unstable version of KDE Neon which is the best way to give it a test run at the moment.

If you can boot into Xorg on your pi you could run the GUI, but i don’t think the pi is really powerful to support it.