Mycroft GUI app on ARM? (picroft)

Hi All,
Is is possible to build/install the mycroft gui app on a raspberry pi? I cant seem to resolve some of the build dependencies.

Raspberry Pi4
Jabra Speak 510
hyperpixel 4 display

The description is rather broad.

The question is more, what distro do you use. What about the (preexisting) graphical environments, or do you have to build those from scratch (which would require additional efforts, the mileage can vary from a simple Xserver to Mk2-esque setup). Which packages are problematic?

If Picroft your currently running is based on Debian Stretch / Buster it won’t have the packages required to run Mycroft-GUI, the minimum Qt Version requirement is 5.12 so would need to run on Debian Bullseye

Thanks! rebuilding now :slight_smile: