Mycroft GPLv3 and Free Software Foundation high priorities list

The FSF has recently reconsidered their high priorities list and a need for a free and open source project similar to Siri, Cortana, etc is listed:

I would love to propose Mycroft for consideration to the committee, but without being able to point to where the GPL/AGPL is listed, I seriously doubt the consideration will make it very far. As such, if it’s already been released and I missed the location, please point me in the correct direction. The community understands the development team would like to release the project once it reaches certain “milestones” if you will, but it is preventing a large amount of the community who are interested in giving a hand. Lastly, until the source code is released under a version of the GPL, we only have the word of the team that they are actually going to release it. Let me be very clear that I’m not saying that they won’t release it but why not just remove this doubt entirely?


Sirius looks interesting. I wonder if there’s any opportunity for collaboration there?

Mycroft team is aware of Sirius (which seems to be outdated name, project is now called Lucida).

I am glad that FSF finally decided to stop living in 2005 and update high priority projects.

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@Cody hey, I think that is great. We are releasing the software in April. I would love to engage with the FSF, but at the moment, it is not my intention to accelerate the already accelerated development process in order to accommodate their selection of software. As there are still things that need to be adjusted in order to make the software enjoyable to use.

@testman Complete agreement about it finally being time to update the FSF’s list which they’ve said they will be reviewing yearly now and have already set up a committee. One of the reasons I would like to have Mycroft considered because I think it’s such an amazing project/idea.

@ryanleesipes Just wanted to make the suggestion because I think you have such an amazing idea/project and would love to see the widest possible adoption!

Yeah, I didn’t mean to shoot down the idea, I’m just scared about having the Free Software Foundation potentially scathe us for not meeting their standards. What do you think is the best way to reach out to them?

@ryanleesipes We are all just people, I don’t think you have anything to worry about from the FSF. I don’t think there is doubt in anyone’s mind that you, the team, and every contributor are doing important work and should be commended for it. I personally would have already submitted Mycroft as a priority project except it isn’t yet released under the GPL. Again, the intent parser has already been released, and you’ve made mention that Mycroft will be GPLv3, so there is little reason to doubt it won’t be released but rather the team is waiting to release because of the previous points mentioned. As for the best way to reach out; the committee isn’t composed of FSF employees but rather members of the free software community. For example, Stefano Zacchiroli (the former 3 time Debian Project Leader), Karen Sandler (Executive Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy), Máirín Duffy (Principal Interaction Designer for Red Hat), et al listed in the following link: If you want to reach out to the FSF in particular, I would do it through a different channel. As for when Mycroft is released under the GPL, I’ll submit it and anyone else can as well (the more voices that suggest Mycroft for each differing point of view the better) or other projects they think will have a large impact on the FOSS community (the email for the high priority projects is

Any update with this?

We are on their voice assistant priorities page now: