MyCroft + Furby

Hello All!

Right now i’m working on combing MyCroft and a furby. Right now i’m working on wiring up the sensors and motors to the raspi. then i’m going to create a skill that animates Furby to mycroft actions.

Here is the parts list i’m working with:

It’s been a super fun project. I’m planning on making a few and giving them to friends!

Happy to answer any questions so far :slight_smile:


Does each furby come with a 1 dollar bill stuffed inside😉? looks great thanks for posting.


This looks very cool, can’t wait to see it all packaged up!

That’s great! I wonder if I still have that old Teddy Ruxpin speakerphone around somewhere…? Hmmm…

Indeed, if this turns out, I’d really appreciate a copy of your final board layout. I have a bunch of tiny perfboards, and an old black Furby in my basement! This seems like a great use. I was gonna turn it into the world’s creepiest teddycam.