Mycroft - FreeNas

Hi !

I’m trying to have Mycroft running on a NAS. I’m using FreeNas and when I follow the github steps to install mycroft I encounter this issue :

Any idea ?
Many thanks !

Pretty sure freenas still bases on BSD, so there’s probably a few things that won’t work without adjusting. If you search here there’s a freebsd thread which might help.

Thanks for the quick reply.
However, I don’t understand, nothing seems to be working. I don’t realy understand how I’m supposed to use the freesbd patch either… When I run “bash”, nothing’s happening.

Hmmm. There’s usually some output when you try and run commands like that.

If you’re not very experienced with bsd or linux, it would probably be easiest to run mycroft on a debian-based linux system, or run picroft on a raspberry pi3/4.

Yes, way more confortable with Debian ! :wink: I’m gonna use OMV instead. Thx for the help anyway, take care !