Mycroft for desktop release?

Whats the story with Mycroft for destkop. Various places said that it would be released in April. Its now May and I can’t find any release announcement or instructions on how to get it.

Has the release been delayed? Has it been cancelled? Whats going on?

I would sure love to try it out on my ubuntu destkop.

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Sure, @trampster - we got delayed a little bit. But we are working on getting the source code out this upcoming week. But things are going great and we have gotten some early dev kit backers into the project.

Once we have our documentation and some of our supporting services up we’ll pop the source open.

Thanks for the reply,

Sounds great, can’t wait to try it out, I have a mythtv box in my living room already running ubuntu, so it could easily double as a mycroft box.

Keep the information flowing, helps to keep exited people like me informed and engaged.



You may start to feel like George R. R. Martin - Stay strong! :slight_smile: