Mycroft for an application in industrial use

Hello People,
I’m new to this technology “MYCROFT”, recently I have started working on the project based on “Industrie 4.0” and the aim of the project is to investigate the Mycroft for an application in industrial use. The project is research based and I have to implement this technology in the industry to control the machines/robots. I have developed my own few concepts but still I need some help from you intelligent people to find an application of Mycroft in industry.


I am an automation industry engineer who has been working with automation equipment for over 25 years. I am also a technology hobbyist. I have seen many technologies come and go in industry over that time, and can attest that the automation industry still has many legacy systems deployed that are vintage by technologies timeline. I have plenty of experience with automated control systems, machine tooling, product assembly, automated guided vehicles, vision guided vehicles, and robotics. What did you have in mind for I am certainly willing to bounce some ideas around.

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Hello Sir,
Thank You so much for your reply and I am extremely sorry for replying late.
Can you please provide me with your Email, so that I can talk to you in person?
Thanking You.