Mycroft don't love french people :)

Hi all,

I’m trying Mycroft and it’s awesome. I’m trying now to use Mycroft in french. But if i change in config file mycroft.conf :

“lang”: “en-us”,


“lang”: “fr”,

so in this readme ( ) I have a lot of error so :

Thanks for your help,

We love the French!

@KathyReid , @steve.penrod - can you connect @Galliezb with the community members who are working on French?

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Bonsoir @Galliezb, super de vous rencontrer. Je m’appelle Kathy, e travaille dans la documentation technique pour Mycroft. Mon français est pauvre, mais j’essaie.

You might want to contact @blennes77 in Mycroft Chat - for help as well.

Pocketsphinx does not have good language models for French; it might help to choose an English-sounding Wake Word to start?

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my title is not in the literal sense. More in the functioning :smile:

My english is not perfect, but enough for speak and program. We do not need to speak french :wink:
I’m trying Mycroft for a school project and users will speak french.
I can conserve “Hey Mycroft” in wake word.

But after a lot of test with pocketSphinx, i do not understand something. Who make Speech-To-Text after the wake word ?
PocketSphinx or Mycroft’s server ?

I have a lot of problem with my new microphone. I make more tests soon.

Thanks for your Help :wink:

After the wake word, it goes to whichever STT engine is configured, by default it’s through the mycroft google STT account, I believe. If you visit and check the advanced configurations you can see other options.