Mycroft desktop package

When will we see a working Mycroft desktop snap or deb or anything? You are making a Mark II version and there still isn’t a desktop version with widget and all that was promised on the kickstarter.

@Kristijan_Zic -. There are several Mycroft packages for Linux desktop environments. Take a look at the “Linux” option here:

There is a KDE plasmoid as well, though I’m using a phone for this post and I’m time constrained right now so I’ll leave you to hunt down that link on your own.

It is still “developer pretty”, but we’ve made huge progress. We will have sexy installers late 2018 or early 2019, but for now the software is mainly for Python devs who are willing to go through the pain of installation.

The “Linux” option at that link just points to the GitHub repo. There is an ArchLinux AUR build, and a Docker image, yes, but those aren’t even mentioned on the GitHub Readme, and there are no actual “packages” (snap/flatpak/AppImage/deb/rpm or otherwise) for Mycroft.

I do understand that packaging maybe isn’t the highest priority at the moment, but it might help speed adoption/testing/skill-building, and to OP’s point, there are no actual packages at the moment.

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@Red5d - We’d love to have some help building packages. Would you be interested in helping?

Sure, I might be able to help with that!