Mycroft Customer Support Update - Neon AI is providing some assistance to Mycroft AI

Neon AI is giving Mycroft AI some help with fielding customer support emails. In real world terms, that means that I, NeonClary, am going through the Mycroft customer support emails & shipping system, and helping Michael get them caught up.

We got started on Wednesday, and I am working my way through the Mycroft AI inbox and related tasks as quickly as I can. Please give me until Thursday, June 1 to get caught up on Mycroft emails, and then Update June 2, 2023 - all the open support tickets have been responded to, with the exception of a small number requesting membership refunds & a few queries that need Michael’s input. If you haven’t received a response to a previous Mycroft support email (and it isn’t a request to cancel your membership or a specific query to Michael Lewis) please send a fresh email to

Also, Mycroft has updated the Mark II sales page with inventory for June shipment, and fyi, Mark II shipments from both Mycroft AI & Neon AI now include an SSD drive with the Neon OS. Here’s the obligatory links :wink: for anyone looking for a Mark II device: Mark II - Mycroft and
If anyone is wondering about a larger order for a business project, Mycroft AI’s manufacturing supply chain is still in place, and they would be pleased to accept large commercial orders for Mark IIs.

*If privacy concerns are on your mind with my accessing the Mycroft support emails, rest assured we (Neon AI) already have a non-disclosure agreement with Mycroft AI, and customer information will remain compartmentalized. That means you won’t find yourself unexpectedly on my user newsletter email list just because Mycroft AI has your email. I would of course love to add you to our mailing list :wink: but you’ll need to share your email with me / Neon AI directly.