🎉 Mycroft Core v20.8.1 released

This is an enormous update. The first and last point release for v20.8. It includes all updates that are fully backwards compatible with v20.8.0 and will be the final release that supports Python3.5.

Some of the key features for this release include:

  • Add Plugin system for STT, TTS, Wake Word engines and Audioservices (#2594) by u/forslund and u/JarbasAlFind out more
  • Add ProcessStatus to all Mycroft Services providing a consistent interface for querying their state. (#2648) by u/krisgesling and u/forslundFind out more
  • Add new CPS_extend_timeout method to Common Play Skill (#2666) by u/JarbasAl
  • Add support for doas, a sudo alternative (#2690) by u/pixelherodev
  • Local changes to Skill settings will now persist until a change is made to remote settings (#2707) by u/forslund
  • Add config flag to disable all Skill settings syncing (#2734) by u/JarbasAl
  • Add Mozilla TTS support (#2713) by u/domcrossFind out more
  • Validate the Mozilla TTS connection (#2828) by u/JarbasAl
  • Add engine configuration option for Polly TTS (#2706) by u/joshuajaharwood
  • Add self.gui.connected() to check if a GUI is connected (#2682) by u/JarbasAl
  • Add self.gui.get() to safely access values in GUI dict (#2820) by u/krisgesling
  • Add self.gui.release() to signal that the Skill is no longer using the GUI (#2766) by u/JarbasAl
  • Upgrade Mycroft Skills Kit to v0.3.16 (#2688) by u/krisgeslingFind out more

Read the full release notes on Github

As always, a massive thanks to all the Community contributors to this release:


Docker images are available for 20.8.1 release on amd64, arm64 and arm architectures.