🎉 Mycroft Core v19.8.6

In this update we:

  • Extended test coverage for mycroft_skill, tts and audio modules
  • Fixed Mimic2 TTS sentence preprocessing and improving TTS fallback
  • Added support to venv-activate for sh and zsh - big thanks to @notdefine
  • Updated the technical documentation - big thanks to @thelastproject and @notdefine
  • Made Padatious multithreading configurable - big thanks to @andlo
  • Updated gTTS backend to be compatible with gTTS v2.1.0 and above - big thanks to @ansgar-t
  • Updated Mycroft Skills Manager to v0.8.5 improving error detection during Skill installation
  • Added an end-of-playlist message from the audioservice
  • made a range of other bugfixes and improvements

If you have updates enabled this might already be on your device.

See all the details in the v19.8.6 release notes