Mycroft-core trouble-shooting and help

Hello :slight_smile: .
Hey guys, just thought it would be great to have a trouble shooting page open for a little good old fashion Q&A support. I don’t have any current questions, but it does get hard paging through all the different categories trying to find something relevant to what your trying to do. I thought it would be good to set-up a Q&A section for running, capabilities, how you do certain things and where to look for more resources for os specific questions, as well as a page for development Q&A for how someone went about doing something and how to go about modifications it to their own project.

More of a suggestion right now, but I figured if everything is community supported, then why not some community support, lol, just throwing it out there.

With community support, you have people stepping out of there comfort zone to try different languages and platforms to better understand, edit, and use the Mycroft software. I know I myself am learning how to better use python, where I’m better with C, HTML, and editing software commonly available on Kali. AI has always been an obsession of mine, and I have played around with chatbots, always getting frustrated because of their lack of pliability.

Some of the things you’re talking about - capabilities, basic FAQ, etc, are on our documentation. Having community interactions would be good though, I agree.