Mycroft Core 19.8.1

:tada: Mycroft Core 19.8.1 has been released! :tada:
This update adds a few small features, fixes a number of bugs arising from the 19.8 major release, and adds a number of other miscellaneous improvements.

New features:

  • The same dialog should no longer be repeated twice in a row where alternative dialog options are available - thanks to @chance
  • For our Skill developers, nice_duration now accepts resolution as an argument. Perfect for use cases where you don’t need to know exactly how many seconds a duration is christmas_countdown = nice_duration(secs_until_christmas, resolution=TimeResolution.DAYS)
  • removed need for reboot on NTP update

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Standardized our CI environment variable - thanks to @cclauss
  • Fix Mary TTS - thanks to @KishCom
  • Fix get_response listening trigger, ensuring it is sent after the dialog is spoken. Previously, Mycroft was in some instances triggering the listener before it had finished speaking.
  • Fix extract_number for Spanish where numbers were being summed instead of returned as a list - thanks again to @chance

Many more bug fixes and improvements detailed in the full release notes.