Mycroft-config in Mark I

Hello everybody,
after some month closed in a box, i’ve just reimaged my Mark I device with the latest sw.
Now I would like to study it deepr, starting from the language.
First step, dirst stop: how can I use, or find, mycroft-config? Have i to use it?Or i’ve just to manage conf files?
Thanks in Adavance,


Did you already read through the documentation on mycroft.conf?

Hello Dominik,

yes i have: at the moment i’m using that file in order to setup my Mark 1 and use Italian Language.
I’m going ahead in that way.
i was just looking for Configuration Manager Utility
I think it could be helpfull for me, a good way to start… isn’t it? and, exist it?

Thanks in advance,


You can edit mycroft.conf directly or use the configuration manager tool. Both will have same result if done properly. Config-manager should be a bit easier and safer in case you are not familiar with editing json-files.

Eh… that’s the point! Where is this tool? have i to install it? Have i to call to from a specific folder?

Log into Mycroft via SSH, then issue mycroft-config command on the console,e.g. mycroft-config set lang "es-es"
to set language to spanish.

bash: mycroft-config: command not found

but mycroft-cli-client works?
which version number is shown in the upper right corner of the cli-client, it should read “mycroft-core 20.8.0”?
if not, there is something wrong with your setup/environment.

I have read through multiple threads and I don’t see where this has ever been resolved. I’m setting up my Mark 1 for my grandson and while the system keeps telling me that Mycroft-config is already installed, I’ve searched for it and it does not exist. I see the code in GIT, how can I turn that code into an executable skill?