Mycroft Chat (IRC/Mattermost)

For those of you interested in chatting about the Mycroft Project, look no further! You can now chat about Mycroft on IRC via #mycroft on Freenode.

We are working on a Mattermost installation that will have an IRC Bridge, so you will be able to choose between using IRC or Mattermost, the bridge will allow users of both services to see and respond to messages from the other.

Let us know what you think, and make sure to pop in and say “Hi!”. I will post more once Mattermost is up and running!

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Just wondering how Mattermost was coming along? Just thought this could use a little bump if it was up and running

We are holding off on Mattermost for a while until it matures more. For now we are just chilling in IRC in #mycroft on Freenode.

Here is a chat link for those whom are uninitiated (don’t use IRC clients every day) -