Mycroft, awesome linux based cloud ai assistant

Mycroft is a small friendly looking “roboter”, build with a raspberry pi, that you can talk to and which gives you answers based on calculations happening in its open source cloud ai. It has been a Kickstarter campaign 1 year ago and shipping has happened already to some people i think.

This thing isnt ready yet though, it has some nice skills already, but yeah, its in no way comparable with amazon echo or google assistant, yet. Lets help them keeping the project going by supporting them on patreon.

Im in no way related to the project and just someone who is excited about it.


Hi @Tonnystark

Thanks for your interest in Mycroft, and glad you are keen to support the project. We don’t have a Patreon however if there was interest from the community in supporting Mycroft through a platform like that we could certainly explore the possibility.

There are a number of existing ways you can show your support if you haven’t already. You can:

If you can’t do any of those, that’s ok too. Just being a part of this community, helping us design new skills and devices, and spreading the word about Mycroft are all incredibly helpful too!