Mycroft at the Linux UnPlugged virtual LUG #luplug

Hey all,

The team at JupiterBroadcasting (who make great podcasts like Linux Unplugged, Linux Action News, and Self-hosted) are focusing on Mycroft at their upcoming virtual Linux User Group (LUG) and are looking for Mycroft lovers who might be interested in joining in.

The LUGs are 7pm on Sundays (UTC) - but you can head to their events calendar to have it automagically converted to your own timezone.

I’ll let JB’s own minimec give you the details of what it’s all about…

Call for participation…

A shoutout to the community. I am Martin (aka minimec) from the JupiterBroadcasting podcast community. I am a moderator on the JB mumble server and manage the so called #LupLug community… A year ago we started to meet every Sunday for a virtual LUG in mumble. From time to time we do some community talks on certain topics. These talks are recorded and are meant to be use as podcast episodes of a new #LupLug podcast in the near future. Earlier recordings include a talk about Jellyfin media system (with some developers present), and a talk about ‘Assistive Tools in Linux’ with Daniel Foré from the ElementaryOS project.

I contacted Kris Gesling last week for a talk we plan about Mycroft on Sunday May 9th. The goal would be to have an ‘informal’ talk about the history, progress and future of the Mycroft project, followed by a kind of question/answer session with the listeners.

My idea was to do a first (not recorded) session next Sunday May 2nd. We would then try to nail down the structure of the talk and hopefully meet some of your community, that are interested in participating the talk a week later.

You can expect 10-15 people for a normal #LupLug session and 20+ people following a talk. During a talk normally like 5-10 people do actively participate in the discussion.

If you are interested to join us, don’t hesitate to PM me here. A big THX in advance…

Here is the announcement I made in this weeks JupiterBroadcasting LinuxUnplugged.

If you’re interested in joining you can find information about their mumble server at:


I was busy today, but I can probably stop by next week.

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Next session will be on next sunday, not today (as far i know).


Thank you guys for an awesome talk on Mycroft and it’s great community :clap: :grinning:


Is there any link to the podcast or if not released any date when it’ll be public?

Hey, thanks for all the nudging on this one I’m reaching out to the Jupiter team privately to see what the dealio is.

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