Mycroft as SIP client — smart voice enabled IVR

Skill name: Mycroft SIP

I Want to be able to call SIP number and talke to my mycroft assistant.

Possible additional usecases could be setting up mycroft as a call center menu and etc

As a (type of user) I want this Skill to have (function or feature) so that I can achieve (objective)
eg. As a music lover, I want this Skill to control my music player so I can have voice-enabled music on my Mycroft Device

What third party services, data sets or platforms will the Skill interact with?
Any sip infrastructure

Are there similar Mycroft Skills already?

being able to use mycroft device as a sip client is a nice idea, but without a need for integration with mycroft itself is totally doable as a remote control of a sip client installed on the same device, unlike this idea.

Other comments?
Also mycroft could be integrated into Asterisk/Freeswitch/otherpbx as a full blown ivr menu system/conversational bot with administrative functions.

could be used fo sip implementation
As i figured from Mycroft source checking, this feature have to be implemented as a part of core project(at least with current architecture) Maybe this topic should be moved. Or maybe even as a git issue.

Worth checking out Jarbas’s Hive Mind project for this type of use case I think

I made a video using Mycroft as a user within our eZuce Vibe product some months ago ( ). Vibe has SIP and H.323 capabilities built in. Both our commercial Uniteme or open source version sipXcom PBX software have call control capabilities through APIs ( ).


@JarbasAl github for this project here:

Our company has a working code of Mycroft acting as a SIP endpoint. It’s doable.

there is a skill for the average user