Mycroft as a service and hosted Skills

It’d be nice if there was a version of Mycroft that could be run from a server but have the front-end speaker and mic system be on another device.

A useful example is how Amazon structures their Alexa offerings:

For this to work in Mycroft (or in a self-hosted Mycroft) there’d probably need to be an account management layer for identifying users when serving voice/skill requests for multiple users.

Also the Mycroft skill intent parsing may need to be split up into 2 pieces:

  • Skill interface - e.g. the utterances and skill schema definition (as this will be run by a centralized Mycroft server)
  • Custom Skill - this is a hosted skill service that can handle requests for multiple users

I think if Mycroft could be setup to work more like the Alexa platform (or provide it as an option) it would be a lot easier for user’s to access custom skills as they could simply “Add” the skill in a Mycroft web Portal (or by voice) and they could use the hosted version of that skill.

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