Mycroft and windows

Over the years I have been designing a home automation system in Visual Studio. At present it works via a programmable remote and keyboard commands. I have created a text parser in preparation of voice input.

Will the Mark 2 be able to communicate with windows by converting voice to text and pass the text to windows for processing.


Hi there @Mike.C, great question.

Mycroft is written in Python, and all Mycroft based products are built around Linux variants, using communication through websockets. While it might be possible to have Mycroft communicate with Windows, it’s not a feature that we currently offer or support I’m afraid.

There is some work being done on Mycroft for Docker, with big thanks to Community Developer @btotharye, I don’t know if this might be of benefit? Learn more at our Docker chat channel.

Kind regards, Kathy

Thanks for sharing this information. It’s useful