Mycroft and the website aren't synced

It appears that my local Mycroft, running on Linux (Ubuntu 19.10), is only partially synced with the device listed on For instance, I can change the settings like voice on the website, and it will update mycroft’s voice, but I’m unable to install skills or see an accurate list of installed skills on the website.

When I hit the ADD button on a skill, it returns a 500. Here is the body being sent in the PUT when the add button is pressed:
{ section: “to_install” }

Any ideas on how to get the website and my mycroft in sync so I can add skills from the website?

There’s an issue with the Mycroft servers (and perhaps the install skill) and the Marketplace right now. Basically you can only see the available skills there at the moment.

You should be able to install the skills using voice commands:

install the skill count

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