ssl cert erxpired 17 feb 2017

When logging on to chrome throwing ssl cert errors
when trying to run mycroft on pi getting ssl cert errors

assume the mycroft certs have expired.

mycroft Log

2017-02-17 07:50:07,610 - requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool - DEBUG - Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
2017-02-17 07:50:08,253 - mycroft.client.speech.listener - ERROR - (“bad handshake: Error([(‘SSL routines’, ‘SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE’, ‘certificate verify failed’)],)”,)
2017-02-17 07:50:08,256 - mycroft.client.speech.listener - ERROR - Speech Recognition could not understand audio

We are all fixed up now, we apologize for the inconvenience.

No problem, cert/domain expiry happens event to the best managed sites

Thanks :slight_smile: That makes me feel worlds better.