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Crowdfunding for the Community

You’ve been with us for a while now, so you know what we are all about. What you might not know, is that you currently have an opportunity to invest in Mycroft AI, Inc. through a crowdfunding campaign. You, your friends and family can join significant investments from accelerators like Techstars and 500 Startups as well as professional investors like Albert Wenger, TechNexus, Social Starts and Deep Space Ventures to bring the world a private open source voice assistant.

Mycroft is, at its core, an idea. It is the idea that we each are entitled to privacy, technology, and access to that technology in the native languages that we speak. That idea shouldn’t be revolutionary. But based on the current corporate view of the user, it is. That is why Mycroft needs to exist. That is why we need your help to fund making this technology stronger than the giants.

Invest with Us

Mycroft believes in an open Internet, user agency, privacy and the future of voice. If you are willing to take a risk in the fastest growing market in tech, support Mycroft with an investment and show Big Tech that there is an alternative to using the customer’s privacy as a revenue generator.

We appreciate having you as a member of our community and we look to help you financially benefit from our success.


while i might be interested it appears startengine don’t accept uk investors

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I have one concern before investing. Under ‘The Business Model’ section, we see this:

Customers who purchase Mycroft-powered devices are required to create an account on the company’s Selene back-end [… and optional premium subscriptions are available]

Could we have this part re-worded? If I understand this FAQ correctly, a device owner can substitute a self-hosted back-end for the company’s, though that also wouldn’t have the premium features. If that’s changed, that would be worth spelling out as well.

technically you are required to do it at least once, otherwise you dont have SSH access to the mark2 device

Same issue here. Maybe at a later date they can do it with another system that does allow for both?