Mycroft Ai Gnome Shell Extension Release

“This is my first attempt at coding a desktop application / extension so expect Bugs”. :sweat_smile:

Releasing the first alpha build v0.1 for Gnome Shell Desktop:

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Will post a video soon.

Github Repository: GitHub - AIIX/Mycroft-AI-Gnome-Shell-Extension: Gnome Shell GUI Extension for Mycroft Ai

Please read the Readme file for Installation Instructions!


Amazing! One thing I think that we need to think about in this sort of application is local user instances. Currently, there is local user configuration for the mycroft user (or the user the source is run with in a git checkout) but the services run system wide. Obviously hardware conflicts could arise with multiple users running Mycroft on a machine at the same time.

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This. Blows. My. Mind. @Aix are you in our Slack Channel?

Lol one will think that an free software project will use mattermost over proprietary slack

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@cfernandez yes, we tried to use it early on and it had too many bugs. It has always been our intention to return to it once it has matured (that time may be soon with the 3.0 release).

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yeah I been running it for a couple groups I help organize, defcon415, binaryfreedom, hispagatos and some cyberpunkSF stuff… and with 3.0 is very good… I wrote some bots and so far so good.

hey i was crazy excited to get all this working so I made a video of the gnome extension in action. great stuff all around!


Yes, @fluxola and it is freaking awesome! Any interest in helping develop on the extension?

@fluxola It should output the result of even spoken query’s

Hey, there!

I’m looking to try it out, but on my fresh Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 install the gnome-tweak-tool extension tab is telling me ‘Extension does not support shell version’. I don’t see it mentioned on the github project. What distro and version of gnome shell did you intend this for?

I’m using an old laptop, so I can reinstall whatever; just want to get this working to test out! Thanks for your hard work!

@psyrian Open the metadata.json file in ./local/share/gnome-shell/extensions folder and change the gnome shell version from 3.20 to your current gnome shell version, save file, run alt+f2 “r” and then try enabling it from gnome tweak tool, I haven’t tested it on prior versions of ubuntu so please post any other issues encountered.

Gnome Shell Extension Video

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Are there any plans for a non-GNOME-Shell version, for those of us who still use a desktop environment with a regular system tray (XFCE, LXDE, most tiling WM environments…)?

Right now, this is all community contributed. I would love to see support across multiple desktops, the team will double down on helping once we have completed our current sprints around improving Mycroft Core.