Mycroft AI at VOICE Summit 2019

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This July, I’ll be returning to the VOICE Summit in New Jersey to continue sharing the necessity of an open, collaborative voice solution that is independent from Big Tech.

VOICE Summit is where innovators in the field of voice gather to share ideas. I attended last year to introduce the attendees to the Open Alternative in voice, and Mycroft was very well received. I’ll be working to recruit more developers into our Community, and demonstrate that they can deploy voice technology without going into orbit around the behemoths of Big Tech.

I’ll also discuss the progress that open voice solutions like Mycroft made in the past year and the pitfalls of closed solutions. Big Tech continues to acquire voice technology companies. Microsoft acquired Semantic Machines last May, Apple acquired PullString in February, Jibo’s IP has been acquired by a venture firm. The early voice market is understandably volatile, but users, developers, and enterprises alike can bet on an open solution being something they can maintain well into the future.

Join the Conversation

If you’ll be at VOICE Summit, come out and learn more. I present Tuesday, July 23 at 3:00 PM EDT in Room CK 217. I’m looking forward to meeting you!