Mycroft agent based call-centre for classified adverts

I would like to introduce myself. I have worked as a self-employed call-out computer tech, and a desktop support tech for my states education department. When I was self-employed I got a lot of work by placing classified adverts and I bought many cars and parts this way. I know that classifieds ads are very important for grassroots economies.

I found Mycroft while looking for an open-source alternative to google duplex.

I am interested in developing an AI agent that can function as a call-center operator for a classified ads paper. The idea is to make the experience as analogue as possible for the end user so that they don’t need any computer literacy or access to a computer to place or respond to classified adverts. It’s all done by reading the newsprint paper and making phone calls on their end. From the back-end, however, is a different story as we will be using neural nets, voice AI agents, Linux servers and so on.

I have installed Mycroft on my Ubuntu machine and I really love it.

I hope to test the idea in the most simple way possible. “Mycroft please write a classified ad” and take it from there. I will start learning how to create a “skill”.

If Mycroft has trouble understanding the caller it can give them an option of sending the text of the ad via sms.

e.g. :

Category: BABIES & CHILDREN Baby Gear
PRAM/STROLLER ‘Century Adventurer’, large wheels, large basket, rain cover, very good condition. BARGAIN! $70.00 - Kingsley 94xx xxxx a/h

I would also like to embed a QR code or similar “invisible” augmented reality data tag in the classified ad so that a user with a supported smart phone (and the app installed) can quickly scan the page to see which items are already sold or see photos of items still available. It would look similar to Schol-AR.


Hey great to hear you’re diving into it!

If you haven’t seen the documentation already, definitely check it out. My current mission is to update all of our Skill development documentation, so if anything doesn’t make sense or could be improved, please let me know (or file a PR).

Great idea to be able to easily check if things are already sold, or if similar items exist too.