My new project to create a mobile voice controlled robot

My plan is to use this M5stack robot with LIDAR and a Raspberry Pi

robot video

robot picture


This one?

Dig the two way wheels. Have you figured out the lidar yet?

Yes, that is where I bought the robot.

Yes, I have the LIDAR working! The M5stack is a very cool hardware package. It can run basic SLAM and output it to it’s LED screen!


Once I get everything figure out I will try to add voice control to my humanoid robots.

Humanoid robots

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Very cool @moverstreet007! We can’t wait to hear more about your progress :slight_smile:

Those are mecanum wheels. They are kind of awesome. Never seen them called McNamm wheels before though. I’ve also got mycroft intents sending requests to a moving robot.

I had to give up on the mic on the robot as it was useless if the motors were moving. So I used a second pi and contacted an http service on the robot.