My Mycroft showed up today! But won't register :(

I wish I could get it to register. It’s attached to my wifi network & I can ping it. It’s supposed to show me a code, but it just sits there looking at me with its pretty blue eyes. resolves to, which my router doesn’t know what to do with, since it’s a 1918 address, but not on MY subnet.
I figured out how to SSH into it, I can ping out to the internet, but I don’t how to get to show me a pairing code.

Try asking it something. It told me it wasn’t setup (after connecting to the correct network) and showed the code on the LED matrix and dictated it.

Edit: If I was just lucky and “How do I set you up” was important to getting the code rather than saying anything, here’s the docs:

Yes, asking it something worked. Thanks.