My Mark I is slightly confused

My Mark I is in an interesting failure mode.

This actually happened last year, but life had ideas beyond tinkering with gadgets, so I was off-line for a while.

When I booted my Mark I, it did the eye-spin, went yellow for a while, went to a powder blue for a minute, then back to yellow.

The voice interface never came up. I could press the button and get a little control, enough to get SSH going and log in, but that’s about it. I could go “Hey Mycroft” and ask it things, but the response was an unvarying “Please wait a moment as I finish booting up”.

I figure I’m about a grillion versions behind by now. I fed in a command to upgrade, and now I’ve locked myself out. It boots, it will accept an SSH connection, but the password doesn’t work anymore. The display does not even do the eye thing anymore. I figure I’ve made a retro-brick out of it at this point. Any ideas on something I can try?

That’s what I get for entering things at eek in the morning. I poked at the button and got a blap to speak after a while and got the response. This happened while I was posting the last message and I didn’t clean up properly. Sorry about that.

Hey there,

If you can get a response after pushing the button say “check version”.

The screen will display the version number and Mycroft will speak this out. If it’s an older version it will then ask if you’d like to update.

If this doesn’t work we can suggest some different things to try, or if you want to wipe it all and start fresh you can select “Reset” from the menu using the dial on the device. Or download a new image for the Mark 1 and flash this onto the Micro SD card to jump straight to the latest version.
Warning: resetting or flashing your device deletes everything on it. You need to backup anything you want to keep before doing so.

After the previously described update attempt. the Mark I is inert. No reaction, no ability to reset.

I’ve downloaded the image and am hunting for an appropriate Torx driver to get the SD card out.

I don’t need to keep anything, so I’ll just write the image and see if that helps.


If you can’t find a Torx driver that’s long enough, shoot me an email and I’ll see what we can do :slight_smile:

and of course let us know how it goes after the re-image

I was able to open my Mark I with a normal screwdriver…

I went over to Harbor Freight Tools and for $10 got a 22 pc screwdriver set, inluding several Torx heads.

I opened up the Mark I, made an image of the mess that was the SD card just in case, flashed the file, and Mycroft appears to have finished updating. I’m currently waiting at a pair of yellow eyes.

Yay! Mycroft is working again. I’m loading up skills and planning on some tests.

Thanks for the help.


Awesome, glad it worked out well!