My first skill posted for Picroft 0.8

Posted my first Skill on

Critiques welcome, project respects even more welcome! :grinning:



We love it! Very cool skill. If you like, would you submit an issue for inclusion in our community repository?

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Hey gov, in your excellent article you mention the Test files.

You conclude;
So these [Test] files do not define your possible interactions, but are specific test cases to ensure your Skill files all work together.

However, I still donโ€™t understand the purpose of Test files. When I started playing around with Mycroft a few weeks ago, I created simple skills without including Test files, and these simple skills appeared to work.

Now I just assume they are needed and include them, but reading your article has brought this question back into focus. So I would really like to understand what they are doing or how they actually fit in with the system software. Can anyone give a more detailed description?

Thank you all and thank you for all the project respects!!! :smile_cat: Working on my next skill now.

stevedee, I donโ€™t have an answer the test file question, as you did, I just made one as I assumed it was essential and I have not tried to run the skill without it. I may hit the Adapt documentation to see if I can figure out so more.

Thanks again to all!