My first skill - a replay downloader on guilli

Here I present my first skill for mycroft: guilli-download-skill

What is it ?

It’s a skill that allow you to download ( and, in the future to view ) anime avalaible in replay in the ( official ) replay site of guilli ( ). All of those are in french.

Why ?

It’s made a little moment that I’ve made a downloader for guilli ( since the 20th movie of pokemon pass on the TV ). I’ve tried to transfer it from my canal TNT, but it was unable to do this. After, I remembered the replay site, check, and It was avalaible. after some search, I found the url pattern for the video, put it in python, added an auto-downloader from playlist based on a page html ( I’ve also made a part of code that download all the video avalaible on it by listing all the playlist )

where can I find it ?

on , under the unlicense license.

what can I download now ?

actually, you can just download pokémon, but you can easily add a new anime ( add it in the vocab, and list the page for this anime ( can be multiple for multiple season )).

note : I just found that there where an api to look ( doesn’t seem documented, at r e p l a y . g u l l i . f r / r e p l a y / a p i ) ( I can only put 2 link, so I cant put it completed )

Merci beaucoup, @marius851000! Thank you so much for presenting your first Skill! I’d really like to try this out, unfortunately all the URLs are geo-blocked in my location (Australia).

I also found that the replay is not secured and allow to see unlisted video under the form . for example the first pokemon of season 20 : ( for the id, its ont the url on the internet wayback machine. I’ve repported this flaw to the guilli website )

Try to see if you can use tor, my prorgram is compatible with http_proxy, https_proxy & all_proxy
( export all_proxy=proxy:port )