My absolutly favorite skills

I love mycroft, and all the posiblities it gives. i have a few top skills i like and use daily.

that is

  • the Spotify skill
  • The homeassistant skill
  • The THEIA IDE skill
  • The mattermost skill
    and of cause all the fallback skills

And in the funny part it is the farting skill - that makes me laugh every time :slight_smile: maybe it is time to grow up :slight_smile:
it isnt in the market but it is funny.

What are your favorite skills ?

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Happy New Year 2019,

here are my personal favorite and daily used skills:

  • Weather skill
  • Home automation skill, in my case it is FHEM
  • Mattermost skill

There are some similarities to your favorite skills, besides the music/entertainment - I did not made a final decision on music streaming service (Spotify, Amazon, โ€ฆ) and how to integrate my own music library (probably Mopidy?).


I like the Spotify skill as it can play to other devices, and I have setup muliroom ound with snapcast. So all mycrofts can play music in hole house or parts of the house. And it dosnt matter wich device started playing, others (and mobile and pc) can do futher controling.

Do you mean this skill?
I just looked for it and saw that the author stopped maintaining this skill.

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yep that is the one. It is located on for now waiting for some of us are picking it up at make sure it continues to live.

And luckly us, the skill is working, and is working great :slight_smile:

You can find it in the market

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2018 in Review blog coming soon including top used skills (by Opted-In users). What do you think will top the list?

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I dont know - but most likely a music player skill like Spotify. The games are fun, but not that fun.

We also have to remember those skills that we dosnt think of - the fallback skills.

Ohhh and the rutine skill is one that looks promising i think.

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It had better not be the Fart Skill or I will no faith left in humanity :wink:


I really enjoy the โ€œtell me a jokeโ€ skill right now :joy: .
What i originally wanted to do was experimenting on skill development, but currently i am unable to write two lines of code without making a pause to ask mycroft for telling a joke :laughing: .


I really like the Zork skill the wiki quote one and Iโ€™m really looking forward to trying the bedtime stories skill!


I tried to install farting-skill using
mycroft-msm install
but it didnโ€™t work, maybe I need to do something else?

thanks for your help :slight_smile: