Multiple wake words but with different functionalities

Say my wake word is “hey mycroft”. I want to create a customization where if alternate wake words like “alexa”, “siri” or “ok google” are spoken by the user unintentionally (if they forget the wake word), I still want my system to be triggered and respond " I am not alexa, I am mycroft. Say hey mycroft instead". And when “hey mycroft” is spoken, it will execute the mycroft pipeline - stt, skills and tts.
Please, could someone guide me how I could do this?

if you are comfortable editing mycroft-core source code you can try porting the old multiple wake words PR, it allows to do that

in your case you would want to map your wake words to emit a specific utterance, that would in turn trigger a skill that responds “I am not alexa, I am mycroft. Say hey mycroft instead”. like the “self destruct” example in video above

but be warned the PR is old, you will need to get it back up to date

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They didn’t make it a wake word, but back when Cortana was released, if you activated Siri and said “Hey, Cortana…” it would reply, “Who’s Cortana?”

I loved that.

“OK Google” “May I recommend DuckDuckGo instead?” XD