Multilingual support in OpenSST


being dutch myself i would like to now what the plans are concerning other languages. I think it would be wise to think about other languages from the beginning. Most non-native English speakers won’t have any troubles speaking English, but the main thing most stt engines get wrong on a conceptual level, is to underestimate the importance of the possibility of mixing languages in one sentence. I have no issue whatsoever with giving English commands, but when i want to contact a dutch person, play a dutch artist, navigate to a dutch address or look up something dutch, it is just impossible to do. A good example of the importance of this subject is this post on the google assistant forum. The previous version of the assistant (google now i think?), had the possibility of defining a set of languages which it should recognize in a sentence, but it was removed in the google assistant. And as you can see this causes a lot of issues for non native English speakers.

I think it would be smart to start thinking about other languages from the beginning, to ensure a proper system architecture to accommodate for the global use of OpenSST.

Are there any plans currently to do this? Is it possible to contribute to this (ie github)?


Jorrit Smit


I concur, and would like to point out this is a deeper problem than many realize due to local dialectic influence from various languages.

If mycroft can make any headway into this it will also help immensely in drawing users from the other commercial offerings.

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