MovieMaster - Please test


Find information about movies, actors and production details.

Version 0.2.0 - Please test carefully


Easily find information, such as a description, or cast from a movie with your voice.


  • “What is the movie _______ about?”
  • “Tell me about the movie _______”
  • “Who plays in the movie _______?”
  • “What genres does the flick _______ belong to?”
  • “Look for information on the movie _______.”
  • “What company made the movie _______?”
  • “When was the movie _______ made?”
  • “Do you have info on the film _______?”
  • “What are popular movies playing now?”
  • “What films do you recommend like _______?”
  • “How long is the movie _______?”
  • "What are the highest rated movies out?


Installation should be pretty much effortless.

A free API key is REQUIRED for this skill to work

  • Signup here for a FREE account
  • Get API key here
    • You will get a v.3 key and a v.4 key
    • We will use the v.3 for this version REMEMBER THIS, YOU WILL NEED IT

Use mycroft-msm to install automatically

Enter the following command into your terminal

mycroft-msm install

msm should install the dependcencies automatically If not, you can manually install from pip with the command

pip install tmdbv3api

Manual Installation

Install the dependcencies with the above command

Change into your skills directory and clone from repository on linux or picroft (not tested on Windows)

cd /opt/mycroft/skills/
git clone 

After Installation

  • Fill out API key on
  • Ask a question about a movie
    • “Hey Mycroft, tell me about the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail”
    • Listen to the awesome responce!!




#TMDB #Movies #Actors #Mark I


Keep checking for more updates.


This skill uses tmdbv3api avaliable on GitHub at tmdbv3api

It also uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb. Information avaliable at TMDb

This is a new version that I first mentioned here as tmdb-skill. This is a complete rewrite with a much cleaner code and error checking.

Let me know what you think and leave a comment here or on the github PR here.


Hi Builderjer,

When I was going through the process of registering for an API I double checked the terms and conditions from TMDB. They seem very happy for people to use free API keys as long as they are not being used for a commercial purpose. I wonder if it’s worth reaching out and seeing if they’d be happy for you to use a single API key for all requests?

The benefit for them is not having to issue an API key for each Mycroft user, and they can better see how their system resources are being used. The benefit on our side is a much simpler experience for Users who can just install the Skill and start using it straight away.

The current rate limit for a single key is 40 requests per 10 seconds, which I think we’d be very unlucky to hit.

Is this something you’ve already thought about? If there’s any way I can help, please let me know, or link me into any emails if you think it will be useful. My email address is kris.gesling@ourdomain

I would be more than willing to do that. It would make it way easier for the end user. I will look into that and see what they say. I guess the biggest issue would be what they consider commercial use. I am also not sure where I would store the key. It would have to be hard coded somewhere. Just in the script? If you or mycroft would be willing to help me sort the specifics, I think a general key would be great.

Iv’e never done something like this. I think Mycroft is the wave of the future. but I’m not quite sure how to even present this to TMDb. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I did another update removing the need for a TMDb account and the need to enter an API key. I did leave the option to add one though, just in case the user wants his own.

I could use maybe @andlo to finish the translations on the new intent and dialog files.

Anybody else that would like to add more languages, I would love it.

Please everybody test and enjoy!!

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This skill is working well. I hope that everybody can enjoy its simplicity. Just add the word movie or a synonym to your search. If something you said, doesn’t search the way that is expected, create an issue here, or reply on this forum.

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It’s working great, looking forward to merging it :ship:

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Thanks to everybody with Mycroft and members of this forum, I am pleased to day that this skill is now available in the [marketplace.] ( This also means you can install it with your voice.

Say “Hey Mycroft, install Movie Master

Thanks for the feedback


Wow, I’ve just answered on the old skill… I will try this one and translate it into spanish!