Mosquito speak updated


I updated the mosquito speak skill with some additional functionality (
The skill is now able to say words like CamelCase or hyphen-variable. It works by applying a regex expression to the text it receive, and based on matches split and add speces before speaking it. See the skills README for more details.
I use this skill to notify me of events in my home automation system, and often the automated responses contains CamelCase.


Hey after installing this skill, for some reason both audio jack and microphone stop working. Any idea why it does that?


Sorry to hear that. I have no clue to why that would happen, the skill does not access microphone or audio in any way, all that is handled by the Mycroft core, just like for any other skill.
Any hints in the log?
Are the audio and voice service running?

Hilsen Carsten

Yes, its wierd. When I call the Wakeword, I can hear the Audio. But after that I give Picroft any commands i dont hear any audio.

I just experienced similar symptoms to what you describe, however it was not connected with mosquito-speak.
After a git pull and ./ of the Mycroft-core, and restarting Mycroft, it was clear that no skills was loaded (reading the log). The result was that the wake word was recognized, but nothing else happened. Using ./ whthout rebuilding mimic solved the problem.

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