More microphones/speakers setup

Hi, I have an idea to build mycroft which will eventualy cooperate with home assistant. I would like to build it in the whole apartment so I expect to connect more microphones and speakers to raspberry. Any idea how to build it in the most effective way? Is it possible to make mycroft respond only to the closest speaker (not to the whole apartment)?

Thanks for response,
Martin M.

Hi Martin, welcome to the forums!

This sounds like a job for HiveMind Satellites :flying_saucer: :alien:

We did recently add a feature for projects like HiveMind so that Mycroft can know where an utterance came from and respond back to that instance rather than to every connected endpoint.

Just a disclaimer that none of this is used in a “standard” Mycroft install so it will take some playing around, and learning about the Mycroft system.


Great, thanks for reply :slight_smile: I will try it out.